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Natural beauty: How to achieve perfect nude makeup?

Beauté naturelle : Comment réaliser un maquillage nude parfait ?

Nude Makeup: The Guide to a Perfect Natural Look

Doing Nude Makeup: Tips for an Elegant Minimalist Look

Nude makeup has grown in popularity in recent years, advocating a return to simplicity and natural beauty. Here are some tips for mastering this subtle art and achieving a fresh, radiant complexion.

1. Prepare your Skin

The success of nude makeup relies on well-prepared skin. Start with a gentle cleansing, followed by good hydration. A smoothing primer can also help minimize pores and achieve an even skin tone.

2. Choose a Light Base

Opt for a light foundation or BB cream to even out your complexion without hiding your skin. The idea is to obtain a fresh and natural result, where small imperfections can even add to the charm of the look.

3. Focus on Natural for the Eyes

Use eyeshadow in shades close to your skin tone. Light contouring with a slightly darker shade in the crease can add depth. To enhance everything, the natural effect magnetic eyelashes from Luxycils will add volume and length without weighing down the look.

4. A Soft Blush

Opt for blush in peach or rosy shades to add a subtle pop of color to your cheeks. Application should be light, just to give the illusion of naturally dewy skin.

5. Hydrated Lips

Finish your look with a tinted balm or lipstick in a nude shade. The key is to choose a color close to your natural lip color for an “enhanced lip” effect.


Nude makeup is the epitome of natural beauty. It's not about masking, but subtly enhancing each feature. With these tips and the addition of Luxycils magnetic false eyelashes, your nude makeup will be both minimalist and irresistibly elegant.