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Magnetic eyelashes and waterproof makeup: Tips and tricks

Cils magnétiques et maquillage waterproof : Conseils et astuces

Magnetic Eyelashes and Waterproof Makeup: The Perfect Duo

Magnetic Eyelashes and Waterproof Makeup: Your Complete Guide

Whether for a day at the beach, an intense sports session or simply to face the rain, waterproof makeup is essential. Adding magnetic lashes, like those from Luxycils , can enhance your look while remaining intact. Here's how to combine them effectively for makeup that lasts.

1. Prepare your Skin

First of all, make sure your skin is clean and hydrated. Use a waterproof primer to help your makeup adhere and last longer.

2. Waterproof Foundation and Concealer

Choose a water-resistant foundation and concealer. Apply them evenly for a flawless complexion that won't budge, even in the rain or during exercise.

3. Waterproof Eye Shadows and Eyeliners

Invest in good quality waterproof eye shadows and eyeliners. These products will stay in place without running, ensuring an intense look all day long.

4. Application of Magnetic Eyelashes

Luxycils Natural effect magnetic eyelashes are a perfect choice to complete your waterproof look. Make sure your eye makeup is dry before applying them. Position them carefully for a natural look and perfect support.

5. Waterproof Lipstick

Finalize your makeup with a waterproof lipstick. Choose a shade that complements your look and enjoy color that lasts, even after several hours.

6. Fixing Makeup

Use a waterproof setting spray to seal your makeup. This will help hold it in place and preserve its fresh appearance.

7. Maintenance of Magnetic Eyelashes

After use, clean your magnetic eyelashes thoroughly to remove any makeup residue. Store them in their box to keep them in good condition.


By combining Luxycils magnetic eyelashes with waterproof makeup, you are guaranteed to achieve a long-lasting, elegant look, whatever the weather or activity. Follow these tips for makeup that stays flawless from morning until night.