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Magnetic eyelashes for athletes: Tips for a look that lasts

Cils magnétiques pour les sportives : Conseils pour un look qui tient

Magnetic Eyelashes for Sportswomen: Keep your Glamor in Action

Maintain a Glamorous Look During Sports with Magnetic Eyelashes

For active women who don't want to give up their glamor even during sports, Luxycils magnetic false eyelashes represent the perfect solution. Here's how you can combine physical activity and beauty without compromise.

1. Choice of Eyelashes

Opt for light and natural magnetic eyelashes. For sporting activities, it is best to choose lashes that provide an enhanced look without being too dramatic. Models like the Natural effect from Luxycils are ideal for comfortable and discreet support.

2. Test the Outfit

Before wearing the magnetic eyelashes for a workout, test how they hold up during light physical activity. This will help ensure they stay in place and are comfortable even when you move around a lot.

3. Eyelid Preparation

Make sure your eyelid is clean and dry before applying lashes. An oily or damp eyelid can affect the hold of the magnets. If necessary, use a lightweight eyelid primer to create a strong base for the lashes.

4. Water-Resistant Makeup

If you plan to wear makeup in addition to magnetic lashes, opt for water-resistant products. This will prevent makeup from smudging when sweating, ensuring that your lashes remain the focal point of your look.

5. Post-Workout Maintenance

After your workout, be sure to clean the magnetic eyelashes thoroughly. Proper maintenance not only extends their lifespan but also ensures that they remain hygienic and safe to use for your next workout.

6. Proper Storage

Store your magnetic eyelashes in a clean, dry case. Proper storage is essential for maintaining the shape and quality of lashes, ensuring they are ready for use whenever you need them.


Magnetic eyelashes can absolutely be part of your sporty beauty routine, combining performance and style. By following these tips, sportswomen can enjoy a glamorous look and impeccable hold from their Luxycils magnetic false eyelashes, even during the most intense activities.