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How to Choose the Best Magnetic Eyelashes?

Comment choisir les meilleurs cils magnétiques

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Eyelashes? | Luxylashes

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Eyelashes?

The world of beauty is constantly evolving. Among current trends, magnetic eyelashes are at the top of the list. And for good reason, they add a glamorous touch without the use of potentially irritating chemicals or glues.

The advantages of Luxy magnetic false eyelashes

Luxycils magnetic false eyelashes offer many benefits. Not only are they vegan and cruelty free , but they also allow easy application, suitable for all eye types. Thanks to their design, the risk of irritation is minimized.

Luxycils: the choice of excellence

When it comes to magnetic false eyelashes, not all brands are created equal. Luxycils stands out for its commitment to quality and authenticity. Leader in France, the brand offers handmade magnetic eyelashes, tailor-made to offer the most natural look possible.

High-end products

Luxycils eyelashes are not only stylish, but also durable. Made without chemicals, they respect the health of your eyes while giving you a sublimated look. Opting for Luxycils means choosing the top of the range in terms of magnetic false eyelashes.

See for yourself !

Are you still hesitant? Luxycils offers you the possibility to visualize the before/after effect thanks to an interactive photo. Discover how these lashes can transform your look in the blink of an eye.

Before / After false magnetic eyelashes

Click on the image to access our interactive slider and see the revolutionary change that our magnetic false eyelashes bring!

Tips for choosing wisely

Before you get started, a few tips may prove useful:

  • Opt for a recognized and certified brand, like Luxycils.
  • Choose eyelashes adapted to the shape of your eyes.
  • Consult the reviews and testimonials to get an overview of the final result.


Choosing quality magnetic eyelashes is essential to obtain a professional look. With Luxycils, you have the assurance of investing in high-end products, designed to magnify your eyes in complete safety. Experience it for yourself and join our community of satisfied customers.

Don't wait any longer and discover the Luxycils magic today!