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Vegan and cruelty-free makeup: Guide to ethical beauty

Le maquillage vegan et cruelty-free : Guide pour une beauté éthique

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup: Towards Responsible Beauty

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup: Ethics at the Heart of Beauty

In a world increasingly aware of ethical issues, vegan and cruelty-free makeup takes a prominent place. Find out what these terms really mean, why make this choice and which brands to choose.

1. What is Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup?

Vegan makeup does not contain any ingredients of animal origin, while cruelty-free makeup guarantees that no testing has been carried out on animals. Certain products, such as magnetic eyelashes from Luxycils , combine these two labels for a completely ethical beauty approach.

2. Why Choose These Alternatives?

Choosing vegan and cruelty-free makeup means supporting an industry that respects animals and our planet. It also means favoring products often formulated with more natural and less allergenic ingredients.

3. Brands to Know

Many brands have committed to this ethical approach. Among them :

  • Luxycils : Specializing in magnetic eyelashes, this brand offers high quality, vegan and cruelty-free products.
  • Too Faced : Known for its pigmented products, it guarantees a cruelty-free approach.
  • Urban Decay : With its wide choice of products, the brand is a pillar of cruelty-free makeup.

4. The Benefits of Ethical Makeup

In addition to respecting animals, choosing vegan and cruelty-free makeup means:

  • Minimize your ecological impact.
  • Take advantage of products that are often more natural and less irritating.
  • Support responsible and committed companies.


Opting for vegan and cruelty-free makeup means making an informed choice in favor of more ethical beauty. In this movement, brands like Luxycils are leading the way towards a more respectful and responsible industry.