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Magnetic false eyelashes and allergies: What you need to know

Les faux cils magnétiques et les allergies : Ce qu'il faut savoir

Magnetic False Eyelashes and Allergies: Practical Guide

Everything you need to know about Magnetic False Eyelashes and Allergies

The use of magnetic false eyelashes has revolutionized beauty routines, providing a glamorous and practical alternative to traditional methods. However, for people with sensitive eyes or prone to allergies, some precautions are necessary. This article, while highlighting Luxycils magnetic false eyelashes, offers tips for safely navigating the world of magnetic eyelashes.

1. The Components of Magnetic False Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are made from a variety of materials, including synthetic or natural fibers, and contain small magnets to allow easy attachment without glue. This absence of glue, often a source of allergies or irritation, makes magnetic eyelashes particularly attractive for those who are sensitive or allergic.

2. Benefits for Allergies

One of the main advantages of magnetic eyelashes is the significant reduction in the risk of allergies thanks to the elimination of glue. Once positioned, our magnetic eyelashes do not touch your skin, but only your natural eyelashes, which excludes the risk of allergy. Especially since no chemicals are used in our products.

3. Importance of Hygiene

Good hygiene is essential to prevent irritation and infections. Clean your magnetic eyelashes thoroughly after each use following the instructions provided, to remove bacteria and residue that may accumulate on the magnets and fibers.

4. Choice of Hypoallergenic Eyelashes

For those with a known sensitivity to certain metals or materials, looking for magnetic eyelashes specifically designed to be hypoallergenic may be a wise decision. All our products are hypoallergenic, you can go there with your eyes closed!

5. Advice from a Professional

If you have any doubts or specific questions regarding magnetic false eyelashes and allergies, consulting a healthcare professional or allergist can provide personalized and reassuring advice.


Magnetic false eyelashes represent a major innovation in the world of beauty, offering an easy and safe way to achieve a magnified look. By taking the necessary precautions and choosing quality products, like those offered by Luxycils, people with allergies or sensitive eyes can also benefit from the shine and beauty that magnetic false eyelashes provide.