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Spring-summer 2020 makeup trends


With the arrival of sunny days comes the time to refresh your look. Discover some makeup trends that will allow you to shine this spring.

Nude complexion

This year, the trend is for a glowy and natural complexion. To achieve it, opt for a unifying base such as BB cream, perfect for discreetly erasing imperfections. Then apply your usual foundation and finish with a touch of light orange blush that will make you look like you just came straight from the beach.

Tip: Mix a few drops of glow serum with your foundation to obtain a trendy glossy effect.

The flashy look

Notably seen at Kenzo, neon eyeshadow is all the rage on the catwalks. You can therefore treat yourself by creating colored smoky (pink, purple, pastel, orange, etc.) or by using a colored eyeliner which will revive your eyes.

Tip: Use our natural false eyelashes to accentuate your mermaid look without overwhelming your look.

White eyeshadow

To make your eyes look bigger, there's nothing like a touch of white eye shadow. Choose it pearly or iridescent (so it blends more easily into the skin) and apply it to the inner corner of the eye, blending outwards.

Tip: Replace your usual pencil with a white pencil to discreetly brighten the eyes.

Dark lips

This spring the mouth is dark and ultra romantic with carmine, plum or burgundy tones. Preferably choose a matte lipstick to enhance with a light touch of gloss.

Tip: Complete your look with a nude smoky, perfect for delicately lifting the look.