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Makeup: mistakes not to make


These days, good makeup is an essential beauty asset. Here are some mistakes to avoid to succeed like a pro.

Choosing the wrong concealer

To obtain a beautiful natural complexion, it is essential to choose your make-up according to your skin tone. So be careful with concealers that are too light or dark, which will create an unattractive demarcation around your eyes.

Using a foundation that is too dark

Dyed foundation too dark will make you look dull or worse... orange. If you are hesitating between two shades, choose the lighter one: you can always enhance it with a little bronzer. Finally, remember to distribute your foundation evenly over the entire face and neck to avoid demarcations.

Applying eyelid makeup without mascara

A pretty eye shadow is ideal for highlighting the eyes... but don't forget the eyelashes! In fact, without mascara to enhance your eyes you will appear tired. To avoid hassle, we advise you to opt for magnetic false eyelashes which will add an undeniable touch of glamor to your look.

Abusing blush

Who has never used a touch of blush to make themselves look good when they wake up? However, be careful not to overdo it or your makeup will appear too busy. If possible, do your makeup in daylight because electric light gives the impression of less makeup than you think.

Do not remove makeup in the evening

Even if the urge to go straight to bed after a hard day is strong, it is essential to take a few minutes to remove your makeup. And yes, to stay radiant, the skin needs to breathe! This is also an opportunity to hydrate it with a nourishing serum. Enough to ensure you look pretty when you wake up.