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How to take care of your skin in winter?


Every season has its own skin problems. In winter, the skin starts to feel tight, itchy, red, it can even become rough. The fault is the temperatures and winds which attack our skin, cracking it and blocking the pores. Added to this is everything we do to warm up (heating, hot bath, etc.) which dries our skin and damages it.

But there must be a solution to have pretty skin even in winter?

Of course and here are 5 tips for taking care of your skin in winter:

  1. Removing dead skin

It is very important to exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin and impurities. We redouble our efforts in winter by exfoliating the body and face twice a week. We choose a scrub that is both exfoliating and moisturizing to avoid attacking the skin which is already fragile.

  1. We continue to protect our skin from UV rays

Just because we can't see them doesn't mean they don't exist. We therefore choose our cream, foundation or BB cream with light protection.

  1. It's mask season

As temperatures drop, the humidity in the air drops as well as the water in your skin. You must therefore take over by applying a hydrating mask at least once a week. It is best to apply it after exfoliating your skin.

  1. We adapt our makeup

We don't wear makeup in winter like we do in summer. In winter we will opt for a covering and hydrating foundation which will nourish the skin all day long.

We do not use mascara which dries out the eyes and weakens the eyelashes but we opt for magnetic eyelashes . Without glue, they do not damage your eyelashes and will make removing eye makeup easier.

  1. We change the makeup removal.

Unsurprisingly, you have to use a makeup remover in accordance with the drier and more hostile air. We opt for a makeup remover in the form of an oil which will clean and penetrate the skin well. Of course, don't forget to moisturize your skin with a rich and nourishing cream.