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What are the best magnetic eyelashes?

Quels sont les meilleurs cils magnétiques ?

Do you want to treat yourself to magnetic eyelashes and are you wondering if some models are better than others? Are there the “ best magnetic false eyelashes ”?

In reality, it all depends on the look you want to have and/or the occasion where you are going to wear them.

Don't panic, I'll help you by giving you the advantages of each model.

✨ Natural models:

100% Natural:


It is the most discreet of magnetic eyelashes, it is ideal for natural makeup, no make up effect. Not bulky, it is very easy to put on and wear every day. If you want a very light finish this is the model for you.

Natural +:


Natural + combines length and volume for a doe-eyed effect. It gives the impression of having well-made-up lashes while maintaining a natural style. If you want a model that adapts to all situations, opt for the natural +.

It is easy to put on and wear, perfect if you only have one model

✨Length models:

The sublime length:

It redraws the look with subtle volume and ideal length. It gives a made-up effect without overdoing it, it can be worn both during the day with nude make-up and in the evening with more sophisticated make-up.

It's the ultimate go-anywhere model.

The sublime Maxi length:


If you like the lash-to-lash effect of an salon application, then opt for the sublime maxi length.

This model combines volume and length with well-separated lashes for a fairly elaborate makeup effect.

✨The volumes:

Russian volume:


His reputation is well established, he has been the star of false eyelashes for years. If you like very full eyelashes with makeup that shows, this is the style to adopt. You can wear it during the day for a sophisticated effect but also in the evening for a glamorous make-up.

The maximum Russian volume:


He is the best model for an event: wedding, romantic evening, fiesta…

With its indecent length and maximum volume it is perfect if you want your eyelashes to stand out with a very sophisticated look.