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Applying makeup when it's hot


Runny mascara, shiny complexion... it's not easy to apply makeup in the heat. Here are some tips for setting your makeup properly.

-Clean your skin well

For your makeup to last well, it is essential to rid your skin of all traces of sebum and other impurities. To do this, gently cleanse your face with micellar water (rinse with thermal water) and tighten your pores using a pore reducing serum.

-Opt for wateproof products

Nothing worse than dripping eyeliner! So opt for waterproof products that will allow you to resist the heat and even swim. False eyelashes will also be an ideal alternative to mascara: in addition to enhancing your eyes, they will not run the risk of running!

-Don't overload your complexion

In summer, forget about oily or creamy foundations, which may cause perspiration to run. To even out your skin, apply a BB Cream all over your face by tapping it with a sponge. You can also use a compact powder, perfect for absorbing excess sebum.

Tip: Replace your blush with a sun-kissed powder which will give you a nice bronzed effect.

-Use a setting spray

The setting spray is a light mist to spray on your face before and after your makeup. You can even slip it into your bag to give your complexion a little boost throughout the day.

-Plan what to do with touch-ups

If, despite our tips, your makeup also decides to take a vacation, don't panic! Take some mattifying paper and a thermal water spray: these will be perfect for quick touch-ups on the go or during your break.