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Makeup Tutorial: Transform a Day Look into an Evening Look with Magnetic Eyelashes

Tutoriel de maquillage : Transformer un look de jour en look de soirée avec des cils magnétiques

Transform a Day Look into an Evening Look with Magnetic Eyelashes

Transform your Day Makeup into a Dazzling Evening Look

Going from low-key daytime makeup to a glamorous evening look can seem complicated, but with a few tips and the addition of magnetic lashes, it's a breeze! Here's how to make this transition easily.

1. Intensify your Look

Start by strengthening your eye makeup. Add a darker shadow in the crease and under the eye to create depth. A stroke of eyeliner can also add a touch of drama.

2. Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

Luxycils magnetic eyelashes are perfect for transforming your look. Choose something bolder and more voluminous than your daytime style for an instant evening effect.

3. Enhance Your Complexion

Apply a little more blush and highlighter to give your skin a refreshed, evening-ready glow.

4. Opt for a Bold Lip

Swap out your daytime lip balm or gloss for a bolder color or glossy lipstick to complete your evening look.

5. Fix Your Makeup

Use a setting spray to make sure your makeup lasts all evening.


With these simple steps and the addition of Luxycils magnetic lashes, transforming your daytime makeup into a sophisticated evening look is within everyone's reach. Get ready to captivate and shine all night long!