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Your questions about Magnetic False Eyelashes

Vos questions sur les Faux Cils Magnétiques

Luxycils Magnetic False Eyelashes - No. 1 in France

Luxycils Magnetic False Eyelashes, Voted No. 1 in France

  • What is the best brand of magnetic false eyelashes?
    Luxycils stands out for its premium quality, offering easy installation without glue thanks to ultra-thin magnets.
  • How do magnetic false eyelashes work?
    Luxycils false eyelashes use magnets to attach easily, without the need for additional adhesive products.
  • What are magnetic eyelashes?
    Luxycils magnetic eyelashes are designed with integrated magnets for simple and effective attachment to natural eyelashes.
  • How to remove false magnetic eyelashes?
    Luxycils false eyelashes are easily removed by gently grasping them between your thumb and index finger, with no special skills required.
  • What are the easiest false eyelashes to put on?
    Luxycils magnetic false eyelashes are distinguished by their lightness and ease of application, offering a natural and attractive result.
  • What are the disadvantages of false eyelashes?
    Luxycils solves these drawbacks with its reusable false eyelashes, which are easy to apply and preserve the health of your natural eyelashes.
  • Are magnetic false eyelashes reviews?
    Luxycils false eyelashes are known for their ease of use and secure hold, avoiding any risk of damaging your natural eyelashes.
  • How do I know if false eyelashes suit me?
    Luxycils offers a varied range, suitable for all eye shapes and sizes, for a natural and personalized look. To see before/after examples, visit our before/after page .
  • How to put on magnetic false eyelashes without tweezers?
    With Luxycils false eyelashes, simply place them on your natural lashes and the magnets will align perfectly for easy attachment. Find out how to install them with our video tutorial .
  • What types of eyelashes for what eye shape?
    At Luxycils, you will find the ideal style for every eye shape, whether for a natural or more sophisticated effect. Find out which model is best for you on our test page .
  • How to properly put on false eyelashes?
    Position Luxycils false eyelashes close to the natural eyelash line for perfect hold and a natural effect.

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