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There’s a make-up for every type of lip!


To succeed in your mouth makeup, it is important to adapt to the shape of your lips. Discover all our advice.

You have thin lips

Trace the outline of your mouth with a lip liner, overflowing slightly. Then fill in your line with a light, shiny lipstick, ideal for giving the impression of volume. Finish with a touch of plumping gloss to catch the light.

Tip: Use a flat brush to apply the material well.

You have voluminous lips

If your lips are full, apply a corrective base then a little foundation on the mouth. Trace the outline of your lips with a pencil, following the inside of the hem of the mouth. Fill it all in with a dark matte lipstick.

Tip: Always start by tracing the center of the upper lip (Cupid's bow). Then shape the upper lip starting from the corners then draw the lower lip.

You have uneven lips

If your lower lip is thicker, blend it with a little foundation before reshaping it with a lip liner. Apply a thicker layer of red to the upper lip and add a little gloss to the Cupid's bow. You will thus obtain an optical effect which will give the illusion of a perfectly drawn mouth!

You have drooping lips

Mask the corners of your mouth with a little concealer. Then redraw the outline of the lips, going slightly up from the lower lip towards the upper lip. Apply your usual lipstick and a touch of gloss.