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Choosing the right color for your eyeshadow

bien choisir son fard à paupières cils magnétiques

Eye shadow is ideal for highlighting your magnetic eyelashes ... as long as you choose the color that suits your eyes! Here are all our tips for avoiding makeup missteps.

You have blue eyes

Blue eyes go well with warm colors: you can therefore opt for orange, copper or even burgundy. If you prefer more discreet shades, turn to brown or bronze. However, avoid blue which will give an unflattering tone-on-tone effect.

Tip: A smoky eye makeup look will be perfect to highlight your eyes.

You have green eyes

The complementary color of green being red, turn to a lilac, pink, mauve or even eggplant shadow. If you have matte skin you can also opt for a brown or golden shadow, which will highlight your complexion. Metallic colors will go particularly well with your irises, as they will bring out their natural glow. Finally, avoid green or blue tones which risk making them look bland.

Tip: Always use two shades of shadow (one light and one darker) to give depth to your makeup. Apply the dark shadow along the lash line (towards the inner corner of the eye) and the light shadow upwards towards the eyelid. Gently blend the line and finish with a touch of black or brown mascara.

You have brown eyes

Brown eyes are lucky to be able to afford everything! To highlight your eyes with a touch of color, opt for green, orange, purple or even electric blue eyeshadow. And for a more sober and glamorous makeup look, turn to metallic eyeshadows (gold or bronze).