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Choose your magnetic false eyelashes wisely


Pretty eyelashes are the perfect way to highlight your eyes. Find out how to choose yours wisely.

Adapt them to the size of your eyes

For the most captivating look, choose your eyelashes according to the shape of your eyes. So, if they are small, choose natural eyelashes to open up the eyes without weighing them down. On the contrary, large eyes will be perfectly highlighted by full and dense eyelashes: enough to play on the babydoll look for a deliciously glamorous look. Finally, if your eyes are rather round, choose almond-shaped additions to stretch the look.

Eyelashes for every occasion

To find the magnetic eyelashes you need, also think about the context in which you want to wear them. So, to enhance your look all day long, opt for our 100% natural eyelashes. Easy to apply, these will discreetly give you a doe look and will be forgotten, whether at work, during a date or an outing with friends. For a more daring make-up (for an evening for example), you can then opt for our Russian volume or sublime length lashes. Dense and voluminous, these will highlight your smoldering look and allow you to experiment with all the craziness by adding feathers or sequins.

Tip: Brightly colored eyeshadows are particularly trendy at the moment. Choose yours according to the color of your eyes and enhance it with a fine line of liner.