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Beauty at every age: Adapting your makeup to your decade

La beauté à chaque âge : Adapter son maquillage à sa décennie

Beauty at Every Age: Adapting Your Makeup According to Your Decade

Beauty at Every Age: Tips for Harmonizing Makeup with the Times

Beauty evolves over the years, and it is essential to adapt your makeup to each stage of life to highlight the best of yourself. Here are tips for harmonizing your makeup with your age.

1. 20 years: Play with colors

It's time to experiment! Experiment with different shades and styles. However, avoid overly busy looks and favor a fresh complexion.

2. 30 years: Focus on quality

Invest in quality products that last well and take care of your skin. Opt for moisturizing bases and formulas enriched with vitamins.

3. Turning 40: Accentuate your assets

Highlight your eyes and lips. Luxycils magnetic eyelashes can enhance your look in a natural way. Also opt for softer shades for lipstick.

4. Ages 50 and over: Enhance your mature beauty

Choose hydrating formulas for the complexion and neutral colors for the eyes. And remember, the key is to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it.


Beauty has no age. By adapting your makeup to each decade, you ensure optimal enhancement of your features. And whatever your age, Luxycils magnetic eyelashes are the perfect finishing touch to enhance your look.