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The Science Behind Magnetic False Eyelashes

La Science Derrière les Faux Cils Magnétiques

The Science Behind Magnetic False Eyelashes: Decryption

The Science Behind Magnetic False Eyelashes

Magnetic false eyelashes have revolutionized the world of beauty. They offer a practical alternative to traditional eyelash extensions or false eyelashes with glue. But how exactly do they work? Let's dive into the fascinating science behind these aesthetic marvels.

The principles of magnetism

Before understanding how magnetic false eyelashes work, it is essential to understand the basics of magnetism. Magnets have two opposite poles: the north pole and the south pole. When opposite poles are brought together, they attract each other, while like poles repel each other. It is this principle which is the basis of magnetic false eyelashes.

Magnetic false eyelashes: an ingenious system

Magnetic tapes

Magnetic false eyelashes, like those offered by Luxycils , are generally equipped with small magnetic strips or dots placed at their base. These magnetic points or strips are carefully positioned to ensure optimal hold while guaranteeing comfort for the user.

Applying false magnetic eyelashes

To attach magnetic false eyelashes:

  • The sandwich method: This technique requires two rows of false eyelashes for each eye. One is placed above your natural lashes and the other below. The magnets align and "trap" your natural lashes between the two rows of false lashes, ensuring a strong hold.

The advantages of magnetic false eyelashes

Thanks to the science of magnetism, magnetic false eyelashes offer a series of advantages over their traditional counterparts:

  • Glue-free: No need to handle potentially irritating or allergenic glues.
  • Reusable: With proper care, you can reuse magnetic false eyelashes many times.
  • Quick application: Once mastered, application is quick and simple, ideal for those who are always in a hurry.


The science behind magnetic false eyelashes is both simple and fascinating. It combines the principles of magnetism with beauty, offering a modern, effective and safe solution to enhance the look. With magnetic false eyelashes, beauty meets science for a captivating look in all circumstances.