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The art of contouring: Step-by-step guide to sculpting your face

L'art du contouring : Guide étape par étape pour sculpter son visage

The Art of Contouring: Sculpt Your Face Like a Pro

The Art of Contouring: Master the Face Sculpting Technique

Popular with professional makeup artists and celebrities, contouring is the art of sculpting and defining facial features using makeup. Here's a step-by-step guide to mastering this technique and achieving a red carpet-worthy result.

1. Prepare your skin

Before you begin, make sure your skin is well cleansed, hydrated and ready to receive makeup. Use a primer to even out skin tone and ensure makeup stays on.

2. Choose your products

Opt for a foundation or contour cream a shade darker than your skin tone to create shadows and a lighter shade to highlight certain areas.

3. Sculpt the shadows

Apply the dark product under the cheekbones, on the temples, sides of the nose and along the jawline. Blend well to avoid demarcations.

4. Brighten up

Use the clear product on the middle of the forehead, tops of the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose, chin and under the eyes. This will bring light to your face.

5. Blend to perfection

Use a sponge or brush to blend the two shades together, being careful not to move the products. The objective is to obtain a harmonious and natural result.

6. Finalize your look

Apply a light blush to the cheekbones and a translucent powder to set the makeup. For a captivating look, don't forget Luxycils' magnetic lashes which add a touch of drama while remaining natural.


Contouring is an art which, when well mastered, can transform and enhance your face. With practice and the right products, like Luxycils magnetic eyelashes, you can achieve professional-quality makeup.