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Long-lasting makeup: Tips for impeccable hold all day long

Maquillage longue durée : Conseils pour une tenue irréprochable toute la journée

Tips for Infallible Long-Lasting Makeup

Long-Lasting Makeup: Secrets for Perfect Hold from Morning to Evening

Whether it's for a long day at work, a special event or simply to feel beautiful throughout the day, here are tips to ensure your makeup stays on.

1. Prepare your skin

Well-hydrated skin is the key to long-lasting makeup. Clean and moisturize your face before applying your makeup to ensure better adhesion.

2. Use a base

A base, or primer, prepares the skin and smoothes imperfections, guaranteeing better foundation hold.

3. Choose long-lasting products

Opt for formulas designed to last all day, whether it's foundation, eyeliner or lipstick.

4. Set makeup

Use a translucent powder to set makeup, especially in areas prone to shine. For maximum hold, finish with a setting spray.

5. Opt for magnetic eyelashes

Unlike traditional false eyelashes which can come off during the day, Luxycils magnetic eyelashes provide impeccable hold, for an intense look from morning to evening.


By following these tips, your makeup will stay fresh and flawless throughout the day. And for a look that never fades, Luxycils magnetic eyelashes are the ideal choice.