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New: The heated eyelash curler

Nouveauté : Le recourbe cils chauffant

luxy magnetic false eyelashes

The eyelash curler is an essential part of any self-respecting makeup routine. Yes, but the classic metal eyelash curler damages the eyelashes, it's not practical and frankly not glamorous. But a high-tech novelty has just appeared in the world of beauty: the heated eyelash curler . At the editorial office, we fell in love with this cute little accessory that slips into your handbag.

We tell you more:

A bit on the same principle as a hair straightener, the heated eyelash curler stretches your eyelashes thanks to the heat which is diffused in its comb. Without the risk of burning or overheating, thanks to a temperature control system, the eyelash curler deploys all the eyelashes, even the shortest. In just a few swipes your eyes open and widen, it's simply amazing! Another advantage of the heated eyelash curler : hold. Under the effect of the heat, the eyelashes take on an indecent curvature which will last throughout the day.

luxy eyelash curler

Finally, the heated eyelash curler has several functions:

  • On unmade-up eyelashes to curl even the shortest eyelashes.
  • After mascara, to perfect the makeup by lengthening and separating the eyelashes.
  • Before applying your false magnetic eyelashes , to properly deploy your eyelashes and facilitate application.

No matter how hard you look, the heated eyelash curler only has advantages. We are sure that very soon, it will be found in all good makeup bags.

heated eyelash curler