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Foxy Eyes or the art of extending your gaze

Le Foxy Eyes ou l’art d’allonger son regard

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This is THE new makeup trend that you shouldn't miss. All the biggest stars such as Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner have already succumbed to it on the red carpet and on social networks. From the English Foxy eyes, translating the fox's gaze is the art of elongating the gaze, of stretching it a bit like that of the animal thanks to a makeup technique. Foxy eyes are not the easiest makeup to achieve and you need to know how to use makeup brushes. But with a little practice and following the following steps, it is entirely possible to achieve foxy eyes worthy of the biggest stars.

To start you need 3 eyeshadows from the same color family and 3 brushes.

Step 1 :

Using a fluffy brush, apply the lightest color over the entire eyelid, paying particular attention to the brow bone.


2nd step :

With the medium shade, apply material using a precise brush in the crease of the eyelid going up towards the outer tip of the eyebrow, as if you wanted to go up towards the temple.
It is essential to blend between these first two steps in order to blend the material to obtain an almost “smoky” result.

magnetic false eyelashes

Step 3:

With an angled brush, use the darkest eyeshadow color to draw a line along the lash line starting from the inner corner of the eye (and even beyond if you can), then going up towards the outer tip of the eye. the eye, stretching as far as possible towards the temples. Blend again for a natural result.

Then place a touch of iridescent shadow in the inner corner of the eye to add luminosity.

To perfect the result, choose a pair of magnetic eyelashes combining volume and length. We therefore opt for the Russian volume which will go perfectly with this make-up and offer us a magnificent almond-shaped look.