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Global beauty: Discovery of makeup rituals around the world

Beauté mondiale : Découverte des rituels maquillage à travers le monde

Beauty Rituals of the World: Journey Through Makeup Trends

Global Beauty: An Odyssey of Makeup Rituals Across the Globe

Beauty is universal, but each culture has its own rituals and traditions. Embark on a journey to discover the makeup trends that have shaped different regions of the world.

1. India: The Kajal and the Bindi

Kajal, a deep black eyeliner, has been used for centuries to outline and protect the eyes. The bindi, a small colored dot or jewel placed between the eyebrows, is both a cultural and spiritual symbol.

2. Japan: Bright Eyes and Shaded Lips

Japanese makeup emphasizes a perfect complexion and luminous eyes. Ombre lips, with a slightly more pigmented center, add a touch of softness.

3. Africa: Tribal Paintings

Many African cultures use face paints for rituals, ceremonies or simply as an expression of beauty. Patterns and colors have deep meanings and tell stories.

4. Brazil: Tropical Glow

Brazil celebrates sun-kissed beauty with glowing skin, often highlighted with golden highlighters and bronzers. Bright colors are also favored for the eyes and lips.

5. Middle East: The Art of Contouring

Middle Eastern women have mastered the art of contouring to sculpt and highlight the face. Smokey eyes and bold lips are also popular trends.

6. Each Culture and Luxylashes

Throughout all these traditions, one element remains universal: the desire to highlight the look. Luxycils magnetic eyelashes can be integrated into any beauty routine, providing a finishing touch for a captivating look.


Beauty is celebrated in a thousand ways around the world. By discovering these traditions, we become aware of the richness and diversity of expressions of beauty. By integrating modern elements like Luxycils magnetic eyelashes, we can merge the best of the ancient and contemporary worlds.