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The Rise of Magnetic Eyelashes: Then and Now

L'ascension des cils magnétiques : D'hier à aujourd'hui

The Rise of Magnetic Eyelashes Through Time

The Evolution of Magnetic Eyelashes: From Their Beginnings to Today's Trend

From early attempts to beautify eyelashes to contemporary innovations, the history of magnetic eyelashes is rich and fascinating. Let's embark on a journey through time and discover the rise of this beauty trend.

The Precursors: The First Steps

If the desire to beautify and lengthen eyelashes dates back millennia, the idea of ​​artificial eyelashes as such saw the light of day at the beginning of the 20th century. These early versions were far from current innovations and were often heavy and uncomfortable. But the desire to enhance the look was already there.

The 60s-80s: The Explosion of the Trend

The 1960s saw the emergence of lighter, more natural-looking artificial eyelashes. Icons like Twiggy popularized the open look and thickened lashes, making artificial lashes a makeup bag essential. The 80s continued this trend with bolder and more voluminous eyelashes, reflecting the extravagant makeup of the time.

The New Millennium: Innovation and Diversity

With the advent of the new millennium, beauty technologies have taken a leap forward. It was around this time that magnetic eyelashes first made their appearance, providing a more durable and easy-to-apply alternative. Less invasive and not requiring potentially irritating glues, they quickly gained popularity.

Today: The Era of Magnetic Eyelashes

With the growing awareness of the need for safer, easier-to-use beauty products, magnetic eyelashes, like those offered by Luxycils , have become the norm. Combining comfort, ease of application and aesthetics, they now dominate the eyelash extensions market.


The history of magnetic eyelashes reflects the evolution of beauty standards and technological innovations. From simple makeup accessories to an essential element of the beauty routine, their rise is testimony to their effectiveness and their ability to transform the look.