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Apply your eyeliner correctly


Feminine and glamorous, eyeliner is an essential classic in terms of makeup… you still need to know how to apply it! To avoid problems, follow our advice.

Before you begin:

-Always apply your eyeliner before the rest of your make-up routine (foundation, concealer, mascara, etc.) This will allow you to obtain a clean, well-defined line.

-For optimal precision use a small pocket mirror (place slightly under your eyelid). You can even take it with you to reapply your makeup in all circumstances!

-Have makeup remover wipes (or a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover) on hand for touch-ups. Practical in case of a blunder!

-Opt preferably for a waterproof eyeliner. So, no burrs at the end of the day.

Take the right actions:

-Do not hesitate to carry out your tracing in several stages. Start by drawing the outer contour of your line then delicately fill in the interior.

-Do not stretch your eyelid, at the risk of distorting the line.

-Your liner should always end outwards. Do not close the inner corner of the eye or it will appear smaller.

-If you are starting out, apply light dotted lines from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. You will then just have to go over it again to obtain an impeccable outline.

Finalize your makeup well:

-Once your liner is applied, moisten your makeup brush and apply a light line of dark shadow above your line. This will add depth to your look. The darkest among you can also thicken your liner for a 'cat's eye' effect.

-Then raise your eyelashes using a stroke of mascara or false magnetic eyelashes for a particularly glamorous look.