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The advantages of magnetic false eyelashes

les avantages des faux cils magnétiques

Magnetic false eyelashes have many advantages. Discover some of them!

-They are hypoallergenic

Magnetic false eyelashes do not require glue for application: no more allergies and harmful products near the eyes!

-They are easy to install

Your false eyelashes should be applied directly to your natural eyelashes, as close as possible to the eyelid (as explained in our tutorial ). Even if it's a little help (like when you put on nail polish or eyeliner), it will quickly become an integral part of your routine. Enough to remove and reapply your eyelashes as you wish, without having to go to an institute!

-They hold perfectly

Resistant and waterproof, your false eyelashes will remain securely fixed throughout the day. They also have an unlimited lifespan, provided they are handled with care.

-They make your makeup routine easier

Totally invisible, magnetic false eyelashes will be perfect for giving you a look that is both glamorous and natural. No need to spend hours in front of the mirror anymore, highlighting your eyes has never been easier! You won't even need to use makeup remover in the evening, just grab the magnetic strips between your thumb and index finger and slide it to the side. Practical, right?

-They are customizable

Although our lashes easily adapt to the shape of your eyelid, they can also be cut to suit you perfectly. Choose them 100% natural , extra long for real doe eyes or with Russian volume for an ultra glamorous look.