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Choose your mascara wisely

Bien choisir son mascara faux  cils magnétiques

Mascara is ideal for highlighting your eyes in an elegant and discreet way... as long as you choose it wisely! Discover all our advice to find the mascara that suits you.

Adapt it according to your eyelash type

To choose your mascara, nothing could be simpler: just base yourself on the nature of your eyelashes. So, if they are thin, a volumizing mascara will be ideal to give them substance (especially with Russian volume false eyelashes ). If your eyelashes are short, opt for a mascara with a lengthening effect (to combine with our sublime length false eyelashes ) for a real doe look. If your eyelashes are straight, use a curling mascara (with a very round brush) to give them a pretty curved shape. Finally, if you have sensitive eyes, choose a mascara special for sensitive eyes and avoid waterproof products, which are richer in pigments.

Tip: Apply a touch of mascara before attaching your magnetic false eyelashes . This will help you hold them together better.

Choose the right color

If you want a classic and elegant look, know that black mascara suits everyone. However, it is possible to opt for more original tones, depending on the color of your eyes. So blue eyes can opt for brown or plum tones but should avoid blue which will be unflattering. For their part, green eyes will prefer golden, copper, burgundy or purple shades for the most original ones. Finally, brown eyes can try blue mascara which discreetly brightens the look.

Tip: For eye makeup that is both original and discreet, apply black mascara to the base of your lashes and finish with a touch of color on your tips.