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Tutorial: doing your makeup for Halloween

maquillage pour halloween faux cils magnétiques

Looking for easy and bewitching makeup to do for Halloween? Discover our suggestions.

The fatal woman

For the most glamorous Halloween evening, opt for a femme fatale look by combining white foundation with a smoky eye and a dark red lip. Complete it all with a long black dress and velvet gloves and that's it!

Tip: Use Russian volume false eyelashes to accentuate your smoldering look.


Skeleton makeup has the advantage of being easily done with what you already have in your bathroom. To do this, make a smokey smoky eye and enhance it with a line of eyeliner. Then use your black pencil to draw the nose and the mouth (overflowing on each side of the lips).

The deer

This easy-to-do makeup look will make you look like you stepped straight out of an Instagram filter. To do this, perform a fairly strong contouring, applying a good layer of bronzer to the forehead, cheeks and bridges of the nose (joining the eyebrows). Apply a broad line of eyeliner to your eyelid and highlight your eyes with a little white pencil. With your eyeliner, then outline your muzzle by drawing a light line going down to the lips. Paint your upper lip black and cover the lower lip with concealer or foundation. Finish by making small dots on your cheeks using the concealer. And to accentuate your doe eyes, don't forget to use your natural false eyelashes .


After applying your usual makeup, use a white pencil to outline your lips. Then add whiskers with eyeliner or black pencil. Top it off with an adorable cat ear headband and you're ready to go!