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How Do I Make My Eyelashes Grow?

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How to Make My Eyelashes Grow and Why Choose Luxycils?

How Do I Make My Eyelashes Grow?

An intense and deep look is often accentuated by long, full eyelashes. But how can we encourage their growth? And what alternatives should you choose during this period of growth?

Stimulate the natural growth of your eyelashes

Several natural methods can help stimulate eyelash growth:

  • Nourishing oils: Gently apply castor oil or sweet almond oil every evening before bed.
  • A balanced diet: A diet rich in vitamins and proteins promotes eyelash growth.
  • Avoid harsh products: Some makeup removers or makeup can weaken your eyelashes. Opt for gentle and natural products.

The perfect alternative: Luxycils magnetic eyelashes

As your eyelashes gain length and volume, why not enhance your look with a non-invasive alternative? Luxycils magnetic eyelashes are the ideal solution.

Why choose Luxycils?

  • Respect for natural eyelashes: Magnetic eyelashes do not damage your natural eyelashes. They apply and remove easily without pulling.
  • High-end quality: Handcrafted and suitable for all eye types, Luxycils eyelashes offer a natural and sophisticated look.
  • Ethics and sustainability: Vegan, cruelty-free and chemical-free, these lashes are also reusable, guaranteeing excellent value for money.

Enhance your eyes during growth

Luxycils magnetic eyelashes are more than just an alternative: they are an invitation to enhance your natural beauty. While you wait for your eyelashes to grow, these false eyelashes give you a seductive look without compromising the health of your natural eyelashes.


Stimulating the growth of your eyelashes is a process that requires patience and care. During this time, you deserve to enjoy a magnified look. With Luxycils magnetic eyelashes, combine naturalness and sophistication. And when your eyelashes have reached their ideal length, you can continue to alternate according to your desires and occasions. Don't wait any longer, discover Luxycils now!