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False eyelashes in institute vs. Magnetic Eyelashes

Faux cils en institut vs Cils Magnétiques

False Eyelashes in Institute VS Magnetic Eyelashes: What to Choose?

False Eyelashes in Institute VS Magnetic Eyelashes: The Duel

The look is one of the major assets of seduction. There are many solutions to beautify it, but between false eyelashes in institutes and magnetic eyelashes, the choice can be difficult. Let's analyze both options to choose better.

False Eyelashes in Institute: The Pros and Cons

Advantages :

  • Durability: Professional installation can last several weeks.
  • Natural rendering: The expertise of the technicians ensures perfect installation.

The inconvenients :

  • Cost: Installation in a salon and touch-ups can be expensive.
  • Maintenance: Need for regular returns to the institute to maintain the result.
  • Commitment: Once installed, it's difficult to go back without calling a professional.
  • Irritation: In institutes, the chemicals and glue used can cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Magnetic Eyelashes: The Perfect Alternative

The advantages of Magnetic Eyelashes:

  • Flexibility: Easily removable, you can choose to wear them whenever you want.
  • Economical: A single kit can be reused several times, unlike false eyelashes in institutes which require paid touch-ups.
  • Practicality: No need for an appointment, apply them at home in just a few minutes.
  • Respect for natural eyelashes: They do not damage your natural eyelashes and do not use aggressive glues.

Why are magnetic eyelashes the best alternative?

In addition to the many advantages mentioned above, magnetic eyelashes offer incomparable flexibility. If you want an intense look for a night out, these are perfect. If you want to return to a natural look the next day, simply remove them. With false eyelashes in salons, this flexibility does not exist.


So, false eyelashes in salons or magnetic eyelashes? If you are looking for flexibility, economy and respect for your natural eyelashes, the answer is obvious. Magnetic eyelashes, and particularly those from Luxycils, are the modern solution for all those who want to enhance their look on a daily basis or for special occasions. Choose simplicity, efficiency and glamor with magnetic eyelashes!