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How to apply makeup with the mask?

Comment se maquiller avec le masque ?

To respect barrier gestures, we must wear a mask when going out, going to work... But the mask should not prevent us from being feminine and wearing makeup. You simply need to adapt your makeup to the daily wearing of the mask.

Here are some tips for wearing a mask while satisfying your passion for makeup.

  1. With a light hand on the complexion you will have:

The mask will create a friction zone on the face which will tend to remove the foundation. To avoid transfer of foundation onto the mask, it is important to apply a base and choose a light foundation that can be powdered well with a loose powder and fixed with a makeup setting spray.

We choose our foundation in the same shade as our skin in case the mask removes material and removes makeup from areas of friction.

Say goodbye to bronzer powders which will dirty the mask and create an unsightly demarcation when removing the mask.

  1. The impasse on the mouth you will do:

No, this is not the final end of lipstick. It’s because we don’t see him much anymore.

Lipstick always retains the benefit of moisturizing and protecting the lips.

We therefore choose our lipstick more for its nutritional qualities than for its complexion.

  1. The look you will work on:

If there is one area that must be highlighted, it is the eyes. The mask hides the expressions of the lower face, everything depends on the look. We're all about eye makeup.

We opt for a pretty iridescent beige eyeshadow and enhance it with a dark brown pencil that we place at the roots of the eyelashes.

We then apply the Natural + model magnetic eyelashes which combine length and volume while offering a natural look.

Finish with a black pencil line inside the eye to intensify the look.

And there you have it, your look is enhanced, we won't even see your mask anymore.