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In what order should you put on makeup?

Dans quel ordre faut-il se maquiller ?

The eternal question that divides beauty addicts.

At the editorial office, we have decided, but we are well aware that the importance is to find our technique, the one that puts us at ease with the art of makeup. What is indisputable is to start by preparing your skin by hydrating and nourishing it. Afterwards ? It's up to you, but we advise you to try in this order:

  1. Eyebrows :

Work on your eyebrows with pencil or powder first to avoid damaging your complexion by pressing your hand on your face.

heated eyelash curler

2. The eyes:

Start by making several passes with your heated eyelash curler to optimize the curvature of your eyelashes.

Then we work on your eye shadow, then your pencil or eyeliner.

You finish by applying your magnetic eyelashes with the magnetic tweezers for more precision.


  1. Complexion:

We start with the foundation which we stretch well with a brush.

Then apply your concealer, which you choose a half to a shade lighter than your foundation to brighten your eyes.

We then powder our complexion to set and mattify it and we finish with blush and highlighter.


  1. The lips :

Just like the skin, the lips hydrate, so start applying a moisturizing balm (which you apply in a thick layer at the start of your makeup).

We trace the outline with a lip pencil and fill in with our lipstick.


You can finish in style by applying a makeup setting spray… and that’s it!!