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What eyeliner for your eyes?


To perfectly highlight your eyes, it is important to adapt your eye liner to the shape of your eyes. Discover our advice.

Your eyes are far away

There's nothing like well-applied makeup to make our little flaws disappear. To give the impression that your eyes are closer together, draw two lines of eye liner on each eye, one on the edge of the eyelid and one directly under the eye. For a more discreet look you can also opt for a classic line which will curve slightly at the end, going downwards. Tip: Favor very fine lines and opt for a discreet lipstick so as not to overload your makeup.

Your eyes are close together

To make your eyes appear further apart, draw a light line of eyeliner on the upper part of the eye (at the lash line) stretching it upwards. Then draw a second line on the lower part of the eye, from the middle towards the outer corner (leave the inner corner free so as not to overload your makeup).

You have small eyes

To enlarge small eyes, aim for a glamorous and dramatic eyeliner! Starting from the inner corner of the eye, draw a semi-thick line on your upper eyelid and slightly curve the end of it upwards. Then start from the outer corner of the bottom of the eye and join the end of your first line to thicken it. Delicately fill in your line for a fiery look.

You have round eyes

If you have round eyes, your goal will be to lengthen them. To do this, draw a comma starting from the inner corner of the eye: start with a thin line then thicken it as you move away. Here you are with a beautiful cat eye effect!