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Some tips for long-lasting makeup

make-up longue durée faux cils magnétiques

It's not easy to keep your makeup on top throughout the day. Here are some tips for lasting makeup.

-Clean your skin well

The secret to all good makeup? Cleaning! Before applying makeup, always start by cleansing your skin with a foaming water cleanser or micellar water. Then apply a DD cream which will serve to moisturize and even out the skin while protecting it from external aggressions (sun, pollution, etc.)

-Prefer balm foundation

In case of extreme heat, swap your powder foundation for a mattifying balm, which is more resistant to perspiration. You can also apply a little cream blush to enhance your cheekbones.

-Use eyelid primer

To make your eyeshadow last all day, apply a little eyeshadow primer beforehand. This comes in the form of a balm to be applied to the finger or with an applicator. Choose it transparent for a discreet look or tinted to play on contrasts.

-Concealer on your lips

To make your lipstick last longer, nothing could be simpler: apply concealer to the contour of your lips before filling them in with your usual color. You will be able to peacefully enjoy your cocktail without fear of any spills!

-Opt for false eyelashes

Nothing worse than mascara that drips at the slightest bad weather! For a long-lasting doe look, opt for magnetic false eyelashes . Discreet and easy to apply, these will stay firmly attached to your eyelid throughout the day without even requiring glue.

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