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Wearing makeup to go to work


It's not always easy to find the right makeup routine when you're working. Here are some tips for achieving sober and chic makeup.

A light foundation

The secret to a healthy glow? A well-groomed complexion! To do this, avoid shades that are too dark which will overload your face and concealers that are too light which will make you look tired. The must ? Light contouring, carried out with products adapted to your skin color.

Tip: Apply a BB cream as a base before using your powder. This will unify and mattify your skin.

Sober eye makeup

Even if it depends on the profession, light (or even nude) eye makeup will be ideal for going to work. For example, you can apply a light golden eye shadow on your movable eyelid and enhance it with a brown shadow. Complete it all with a touch of beige under the eyebrows to bring light and depth to the eyes.

Tip: Use natural magnetic false eyelashes for a doe-eyed look that lasts all day.

A discreet mouth

For the mouth, avoid lipstick that is too dark or in original colors. To highlight your lips, choose a shiny gloss, a light red or a matte pink.

Tip: Before applying makeup, moisturize your lips with a beesjelly wax-based balm. This will improve the staying power of your lipstick.

Makeup that lasts

To avoid unpleasant surprises at work, it is essential to choose makeup that lasts! To do this, cleanse and moisturize your skin morning and evening. You can also opt for waterproof products or use a setting spray, to spray on your face just before going out.