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How to maintain your false magnetic eyelashes?

Comment entretenir ses faux cils magnétiques ?

1 – Handle your magnetic eyelashes


What makes magnetic false eyelashes so beautiful is their naturalness and finesse. They must therefore be handled with particular care so as not to damage them and ensure their longevity.

When using false eyelashes, it is important to hold them by the band, avoiding pulling on the eyelashes as this could cause them to come loose. To apply them you can use the magnetic tweezers supplied with your eyelashes or tweezers for more precision and delicacy. To remove them, you must grasp the strip between your fingers and gently slide it aside so as not to tear off the eyelashes or take off the magnets.

2 – Clean your magnetic eyelashes regularly

magnetic eyelash makeup remover

It is important to clean your magnetic eyelashes regularly in order to remove all impurities and keep them lasting longer.

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3 – Store your false magnetic eyelashes


Magnetic eyelashes are fragile, it is best to keep them in their magnetic case. This will protect them from light and prevent them from coming into contact with bacteria.

If you follow all of these maintenance tips, your magnetic false eyelashes will have an optimal lifespan. Which makes magnetic eyelashes very economical compared to the monthly cost of mascara or salon application every 3 weeks.