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Summer vacation: the essentials for your makeup bag


Although summer is the ideal time to take a makeup break and let your skin breathe, we still need to have our makeup bag on hand with a few essentials.


But what to take when you go on vacation without taking your entire bathroom?

For the complexion :

We choose a BB cream or a CC cream. It's summer, we take advantage of it not to suffocate our skin.

You also slip a concealer into your kit to hide dark circles not from work but from long nights partying.

Finally we take a bronzer which in summer has the advantage of being multi-purpose: unifying powder, blush and even contouring.

For the lips :

The most important thing is a nourishing lip balm. With the heat, the lips tend to dehydrate, it is essential to nourish them.

For the pencil, we will opt for a nude shade which will reshape our lips and go with all our lipstick colors.

In terms of lipstick, we preferably choose moisturizing ones with a melting texture and long-lasting hold.

It's summer and we favor the following colors:


For eyes :

Don't forget the heated eyelash curler , ideal for summer to have curled eyelashes without mascara.

We take two pairs of magnetic eyelashes:

The Length model sublime for the day with its natural result. Ideal for beach days because they are waterproof and will not move despite the heat.

The Russian Volume model for the evening which will give you a more sophisticated look


Our little extras

The multi-function brush that allows you to avoid lugging around your entire brush case. On its own, you can work on the complexion, eyes and lips.

A highlighter that can be used for the entire face, bringing touches of light to the complexion, eyes and mouth.