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The Khôl pencil is making a comeback


Existing since antiquity, the kohl pencil is making a comeback on the catwalks.

Not to be confused with its big brother, eyeliner, the kohl pencil is distinguished by a thicker and creamier line that must be blended. Easier to apply, it widens and intensifies the look.


How to apply Khôl pencil?

It is essential that the lead of your pencil is well sharpened to ensure a clean and precise line. If your pencil is too dry, do not hesitate to use a lighter to soften the lead and make it creamier

Then start by drawing a pencil line along the eyelashes, starting from the outer corner to the inner corner. There is no need to press hard, a nice thin pencil line is the secret to successful makeup. To have a nice blurred effect, use a ball brush or a cotton swab soaked in water to blur your line.

For a well-defined look with a smocky eyes effect, draw a fine line under the lower lashes which you will stretch and blend well.

When it comes to eyelashes, opt for magnetic eyelashes which will intensify your look.

For sophisticated makeup that remains discreet, opt for a well-blended line of kohl on the upper eyelid with Maxi Length Sublime magnetic eyelashes.

For a sophisticated make-up, we'll go for the kohl combo on the upper and lower eyelids with Russian Volume magnetic eyelashes.