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What makeup should I use with my magnetic eyelashes?


With your magnetic eyelashes you can wear any type of makeup. You can even not wear any at all, since false eyelashes dress up your eyes. But in case you are tempted by pretty eye makeup, we have made a selection of makeup that will go perfectly with your magnetic eyelashes.

With “Natural” magnetic eyelashes


With “Natural” false eyelashes, we opt for fresh and light eye makeup. We love a peach color that adapts to all skin tones. We use an iridescent shadow for the mobile eyelid to make it very luminous. For the crease of the eye, choose a warm brown shadow which will give the illusion of slightly lifting the fixed eyelid. We finish with a touch of highlighter which we place at the corner of the inner eye and under the brow bone.

For the most natural effect, wear “Natural” magnetic eyelashes, ideal for those who want discreet makeup.

For a slightly more pronounced look, choose the “Naturel +” magnetic eyelashes which will further enhance the look.

With “Longueur Sublime” magnetic eyelashes


For this model, we let ourselves be seduced by the new makeup trend: Halo eyes. Ideal, this makeup technique only requires two eye shadows, one matte and one iridescent. With the matte shadow, we work on the outer corner and the inner corner of the eye, leaving a gap in the middle. We then fill the space with iridescent shadow, which will give a very “glossy” effect.

With the Sublime Length magnetic eyelashes you will choose light shades ideal for every day.

With the Maxi length Sublime magnetic eyelashes , we will opt for more intense shades and we will add a fine line of eyeliner for a more sophisticated touch.

With “Volume” Magnetic Eyelashes


With “Volume” false eyelashes, we obviously choose smocky eyes. We will make our smocky with two shadows, a gray on the entire eyelid and a black on the outer corner which we will blend well. We will finish with a line of eyeliner with a pretty comma.

With the “Russian Volume” magnetic eyelashes , add a line of black pencil under the mucous membrane of the eye to further support the look.

With the “Maxi Russian Volume” magnetic eyelashes, replace the eyeliner with black kohl for an even more smoky look.