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New trend: reverse eyeliner

Nouvelle tendance : l’eyeliner inversé

Underliner or reverse eyeliner is THE new trend that we can admire on all the catwalks. Stars have also adopted this new way of wearing eyeliner.

Much, much easier to apply than a classic eyeliner line, underliner consists of applying a line of liner under the lower eyelash line.
No more hassle of finding the perfect line to apply to the eyelid, with the underliner you simply draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.
Assured smoldering look.

You can also, for an even more captivating look, apply a line in the mucous membrane of the eye.

With this new makeup technique we advise you not to overdo your complexion makeup and to choose an eye shadow that will contrast with the color of your eyes. We will then finish the eye makeup with magnetic false eyelashes.

Here are our tips depending on the color of your iris:

With blue eyes : We will choose orange colors which will bring out the blue of your eyes. We will choose the Sublime Length Magnetic False Eyelashes which will lengthen the eyelashes and widen your eyes.

With green eyes : We will fall for pinkish colors, perfect for highlighting the green of your iris. We will opt for the Naturel + magnetic eyelashes which will enhance your eyes

With brown eyes : We will favor golden shades which will bring light to your eyes. We will adopt Russian Volume false magnetic eyelashes which will add intensity to your makeup.