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What eye makeup with glasses?

Quel maquillage des yeux avec des lunettes ?

All women who wear glasses have asked themselves this question: How do I make my eyes stand out behind my glasses?

It is entirely possible to enhance your look with glasses, follow the guide!

  1. Take into account the correction of your lenses

To begin with, you must take into account the correction of your lenses.
For myopia the lenses will narrow the eyes while for hyperopia or presbyopia they will enlarge the gaze.

If glasses make your eyes look bigger, opt for light makeup.

  1. Perfectly highlight your eyebrow line.

Your eyebrows should be perfectly defined.
We wax them perfectly with a nice curve that will not be broken by the frame of the glasses.

We don't hesitate to make them up with an eyebrow pencil to enhance them.

  1. We open our eyes with false magnetic eyelashes.

Nothing beats long, curved eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger.
We opt for chemical-free magnetic eyelashes and we forget the mascara which will tend to cause black spots under the glasses.

  1. Treat yourself with lipstick.

With glasses, it is better not to wear colored eye shadow because the frame will spoil the look.

So if you like color, go for lipstick, dare to use color on your lips.