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What makeup for a wedding?

cils magnétiques mariage

Wedding season is here. And although you may not be the star of the day, you have to look amazing. Dress, hairstyle, makeup, nothing should be left to chance.

And to stay fresh all day long, it's better to rely on long-lasting makeup. Between the wait in the sun, the strong emotions and the glasses of champagne, we quickly saw our makeup melt like snow in the sun. Let's dissect the main steps of the complexion, eyes and lips for makeup that lasts.



In the morning, moisturize your skin with a light cream to optimize the hold of your makeup. We choose a water-based liquid foundation. You even out your complexion without using too much material and you stretch your foundation well up to the neckline to avoid demarcations. We work on dark circles and imperfections with a concealer. For the blush, we take it in a peach color for a guaranteed healthy glow.

Little tip: slip your concealer into its pouch to be able to make a few small touch-ups.

The eyes :


We choose fresh makeup in shades of brown/beige/gold that we work in smocky. Apply a beige pencil to the eye to widen the look.

We pass the heated eyelash curler several times over the eyelashes in order to deploy them properly and make it easier for the magnetic eyelashes to break. We opt for the Maxi Russian volume model which will give a spectacular effect to your eye makeup.

The lips :


Choose a color to match your outfit. We turn to a matte lipstick or lip polish that ensures long wear. To maintain a nice harmony, do not overload the mouth if the eye makeup is pronounced.