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Succeed in your contouring

Réussir votre contouring

Popularized by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez or Naomie Campbell, contouring is the ideal technique for sculpting your face. Discover all our tips for a great complexion.

Choosing the right colors

The basic rule for a successful complexion? Adapt the shades according to your skin tone! A pretty contour is therefore achieved with a matte powder, in honey, taupe or pink tones. On the other hand, we avoid at all costs iridescent or pearly textures which will give a shiny and unnatural effect to your skin.

In all cases you will have to work with two foundations: a light one to illuminate your natural assets and a dark one to create shadows.

Even out the complexion

To successfully contour, start by applying a tinted cream all over your face. This will serve as a base and allow you to erase imperfections. Then apply a little concealer to your nose, forehead and under your eyes to brighten your features. Finish with a touch of loose powder to mattify everything. You are now ready to move on to shade.

Working the shadows

Then apply your dark powder with a brush to the forehead, cheekbones and chin. Follow the natural hollows of your face by making small circles. The key is to blend outwards and keep your hand light on the shadows. Touch up with blush Once your contouring is finished, apply a touch of blush to the cheekbones to bring them out (do not hesitate to blend with a clean brush so as not to overload everything).

Tip: Use magnetic false eyelashes to discreetly define your look. Ultra glamorous effect guaranteed!