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Eye makeup for dummies

Le maquillage des yeux pour les nuls faux cils luxy

Eye makeup is an art... And certain technical terms like Smocky Eyes, Eyes lash, Eye s Liner, Highlighter, false magnetic eyelashes... can make more than one person tremble.

But don't panic, all this can be learned, and it is entirely possible to do pretty eye makeup without being a pro.

We advise you to start with simple makeup and apply these few tips:

1: The basics of the basics: THE BASICS

Any self-respecting makeup begins with the application of a base. This step may seem futile, but no, the base helps smooth your eyelid and optimize the hold of your eyeshadow.

Opt for a transparent version or your skin color and apply all over the eyelid.

base makeup false magnetic eyelashes

2: Choose the right colors

To start, choose nude colors that you can't make a mistake with. If you want to try a Smocky Eyes, also take a darker color in shades of brown or black. Here we go :

Start by applying the lightest color to the entire eyelid (smooth and even out the eye shadow well). Then apply an intermediate color in the crease of your eye. Finish with the boldest color that you will place in the outer corner (and blur it well using a blending brush)

choose your color false magnetic eyelashes

3: Make your pencil line correctly

Do you dream of a smoldering look? The pencil is your lethal weapon.

Opt for a bold kohl, easy to apply. If you go overboard, don't panic, take a cotton swab and blend your line.

magnetic eyelash pencil

4: Enlarge your gaze

Nothing could be simpler... Place a touch of light iridescent shadow (or highlighter) in the inner corner of the eye. Repeat the operation under the brow bone. The effect is instant!

brighten up your look with false magnetic eyelashes

5: Apply your false magnetic eyelashes

False eyelashes are THE secret to having makeup worthy of the greatest pros, without having the technique. Magnetic false eyelashes will be YOUR secret.

Take tweezers and grab a small strip of eyelashes.

Position your large strip of false eyelashes above the upper lashes of your eye by holding it between your fingers and bring your tweezers closer to the inner corner of your eye; the magnets will attract each other. Repeat on the outer corner of the eye. The false eyelashes are on, it's MAGIC. Your eye makeup is finished!

magnetic false eyelashes

Open your eyes wide, bat your eyelashes and the world is at your feet...