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Test: Which model of magnetic eyelashes is right for you!

test faux cils magnétiques luxy

Take this little test to find out which type of magnetic eyelashes is right for you (Natural, Length or Volume).

Add up your points to find out the result! 😘

1. For a romantic dinner or for a first date, you choose which makeup:

  • Natural: unified complexion, a nude shadow on the eyes, a peach blush and a pink gloss on the lips. 1
  • Sophisticated: worked complexion, smocky eyes, highlighter, and matte lipstick. 2
  • Fatale: contouring, highlighter, eye liner, pencil and velvet red lipstick. 3

2. You have to take a pouch to go out, you can only put one accessory in it:

  • Your mascara. 2
  • Your lipstick. 3
  • A hair elastic. 1

3. You are invited to a wedding, what hairstyle do you choose?

  • A blow dry. 1
  • A maxi bun. 3
  • A bohemian braid. 2

4. You would describe the shape of your eyes as:

  • Rather small and rounded. 1
  • Stretched and almond-shaped. 2
  • Large and round. 3

5. The clothing style that suits you best:

  • Fashion: 3/4 skirt, t-shirt, perfecto and derbies . 2
  • Casual: jeans, oversized shirt, sneakers and shoulder bag. 1
  • Glamour: Slim jeans, maxi neckline and high heels. 3

6. When you put on makeup, you prefer to highlight:

  • Your lips. 3
  • Your complexion. 1
  • Your eyes. 2

7. If you had a magic wand you would ask that your eyelashes be:

  • Scandalously long. 2
  • Indecently bulky. 3
  • Just a little more length and volume. 1

magnetic eyelash test

Result :

Between 7 and 10 points: You are made for the Natural model, delicate magnetic eyelashes that will subtly highlight your eyes.

Between 11 and 15 points: You were born to wear Length magnetic eyelashes, the perfect cocktail between dream length and Russian volume.

Between 16 and 21 points: You are intended for the Volume model (Russian), maxi volume and XXL length for the most sophisticated result.