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These stars who make eyes look soft with XXL false eyelashes

Faux cils magnétiques XXL

They may be models of beauty and glamour, but they are not all born with XXL eyelashes. And yes, Mother Nature may have been (very) generous with them, but the stars also need a little help to always be on top.

Mascara with a thick black coat is no longer enough, the fashion is for XXL eyelashes, and only false eyelashes can offer this result. The stars have understood this well and whether it is for a shopping day, a TV set or a carpet red, It's girls swear by false eyelashes.

And THE trend of the moment is magnetic eyelashes which allow you to change your style in the snap of a finger and go from natural daytime makeup to red capert makeup (in the blink of an eye).

A quick overview of our favorite stars’ favorite false eyelash models

Magnificent length magnetic false eyelashes

Selena Gomez fan of big doe eyes that are both long and voluminous

Same result with the Sublime Length model

Maxi length sublime magnetic eyelashes

Demi Lovato is an undisputed fan of maxi-length false eyelashes for a “so caliente” look.

To have Demi's look: Sublime Maxi Length

Russian volume magnetic eyelashes

We need no introduction... She is the undisputed queen of the XXL look. Day and night, Kimi wears indecently voluminous false eyelashes. We love it 🧡

For a similar rendering: Russian Volume Model

Russian maxi volume magnetic eyelashes

Kylie Jenner wears it wonderfully, it's THE pair of false eyelashes to have for all special occasions.

Maxi volume, XXL length, Kylie swears by it.

This is our model: Maxi Volume Russian