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Heated Eyelash Curler

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  • The Luxy Curl heated eyelash curler allows you to have long, curled eyelashes in seconds.
    Thanks to its diffused heat, the eyelashes are softened and take on a pretty curve that lasts all day.
    In just a few swipes, your eyes widen and all your eyelashes lengthen.


    - A heated eyelash curler
    - A charging cable
    - Heating comb protection
    - A manual

    The Advantages of our heated eyelash curler:

    Instant effect
    Does not damage your natural eyelashes
    ✔ Easy to use
    Choice of temperature selection
    Compact size easy to carry
    ✔ Heat distributed on all eyelashes thanks to the toothed comb
    Very handy
    Reaches all eyelashes, even the shortest
    Softens lashes to curl them
    Opens the eyes
    Curled lashes last all day
    ✔ Voluminous curve fixed by heat

    Why choose Luxy?

    - Delivery in 24 hours or 48/72 hours
    - Shipments from France
    - High quality materials
    - Tested and approved by our customers
    - Customer service available 7 days a week
    - No. 1 in France
    - Free delivery

    Our eyelash curler can be used:

    - Without makeup to curl all eyelashes, even the shortest
    - With mascara to perfect the result by lengthening and separating the eyelashes
    - Before putting on our magnetic eyelashes to properly deploy your eyelashes for easier application
    - After applying Luxy Magnetic Eyelashes to perfectly blend your eyelashes with the magnetic eyelashes and increase the curl
    - Customer service available 7 days a week


    - Turn on the eyelash curler, choose the desired temperature and let it heat up for approximately 30 seconds.
    - Pass the brush slowly over the lashes, approximately 10 seconds per stroke.
    - Repeat the operation until the desired result.
    - Tested and approved by our customers
    - Customer service available 7 days a week

    Technical characteristics :

    - Micro USB charging
    - Temperature display
    - Four temperature levels to choose from (65°C / 75°C / 85°C / 95°C)
    - Intelligent temperature control
    - Thermal protection
    - Portable and rechargeable


    Ladies, remember that your gaze is an extremely powerful means of communication! All your feelings, your emotions pass through your gaze, through your eyes.

    Luxy Magnetic False Eyelashes are the perfect solution to subtly enhance your look and preserve your eyelashes. They have been designed for easy and durable installation while offering optimal comfort. Their lightness will make you completely forget about them.

    Their design has been studied to blend into your eyelashes and thus have a result identical to that of an institute, but without all the disadvantages that this entails. Forget the glue, the time wasted on “eyelash to eyelash”, the fillings and the often much too short hold. All this while benefiting from a much more affordable price!

    Your Luxy box can easily slip into your pocket and contains everything you need for installation. Wherever you are, dress up your eyes in the blink of an eye! The box has a built-in mirror and the lashes are magnetized to the box so you never lose them.

    Luxy Magnetic False Eyelashes meet very demanding quality standards. Handmade, they are reusable and will preserve the health of your eyelashes, while being hypoallergenic and waterproof. They will give you a doe look in all circumstances.

    We guarantee you an unforgettable look with easy use and long-lasting comfort.

    Luxy Eyelashes
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