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Apply makeup to mature skin

maquiller une peau mature cils magnétiques

A suitable makeup routine is essential to highlight mature skin. Discover all our tips for looking radiant at any age.

De-yellow the complexion

Mature skin naturally tends to yellow. To compensate for this, use a BB or CC cream to cover and even out the skin. Also choose a slightly pink blush which will restore radiance to your complexion.

Tip: Make a natural anti-yellowing mask by mixing half a cup of rice powder with milk, until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply everything to your face, leave for thirty minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat the operation two to three times a week.

Nourish deeply

After menopause, cells renew less quickly and the skin becomes duller. However, don't panic: a treatment of vitamin C or ginseng will allow you to maintain a healthy glow and avoid spots. There are also many anti-aging masks, rich in ceramides and vegetable oils which will deeply hydrate and nourish the epidermis.

Restore volume to the lips

From the age of fifty, lips become thinner and fine lines around the mouth become more pronounced. To maintain an ultra glamorous mouth, plump up your lips with an enhancer, rich in moisturizing care and colored pigments.

Work on the eyebrows

Did you know that well-shaped eyebrows can radically rejuvenate a face? So use a treatment rich in keratin to boost your thumb and redraw the line of your eyebrows with a suitable pencil.

Tip: Use magnetic false eyelashes to widen your eyes and give yourself a natural lift.