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Our magnetic false eyelashes are applied directly to your natural eyelashes. Installed in seconds, without glue or adhesive, by simple attraction of magnets. Placed above and under your natural eyelashes, your false eyelashes will last all day without moving. While respecting your natural eyelashes, they allow you to sport a doe-eyed look, from the most natural to the most sophisticated.


Be careful to always have the small magnetic strips placed in the right direction:

1 - Upper lash magnetic strip down
2 - Lower lash magnetic strip upwards

You can add a touch of mascara before for an even more durable hold.

Be careful when removing them, so as not to damage the magnets.

If you have difficulty, try placing the lower part with tweezers.

Place the upper magnetic strip well at the base of your eyelashes.

Be patient at the beginning, you will get the hang of it very quickly.

Prepare your lashes in advance by choosing the matching lower strips.

If you have trouble starting with the outer corner, you can easily start with the inner corner. Find the best method that suits you.

Once set, you can lightly brush them with an eyebrow brush.

You can reposition the lashes by pinching the top and bottom at the same time and pulling lightly on the sides

Find the instructions in pictures here


No , unlike an salon application or glue, our Magnetic Eyelashes will not damage your natural eyelashes.

In fact, they are chemical-free, glue-free, and adhesive-free.

Yes , our Magnetic Eyelashes are hypoallergenic and chemical-free.
There is no contact with your skin, the magnetic eyelashes are placed on either side of your natural eyelashes.

Yes , our Magnetic Eyelashes are very water resistant!
You can bathe and shower with it without any problem.

On all product sheets you will find a dynamic photo on which you can drag a bar to view a live Before/After.

If you want to see all the styles this way go to the site's home page . You will find the same process there but with all the styles available.

Take this little test to find out which type of magnetic eyelashes is right for you (Natural, Length or Volume).

Add up your points to find out the result!

1. For a romantic dinner or for a first date, you choose which makeup:

- Natural: unified complexion, a nude shadow on the eyes, a peach blush and a pink gloss on the lips. 1

- Sophisticated: worked complexion, smocky eyes, highlighter, and matte lipstick. 2

- Fatale: contouring, highlighter, eye liner, pencil and velvet red lipstick. 3

2. You have to take a pouch to go out, you can only put one accessory in it:

Your mascara. 2

Your lipstick. 3

A hair elastic. 1

3. You are invited to a wedding, what hairstyle do you choose?

A blow dry. 1

A maxi bun. 3

A bohemian braid. 2

4. You would describe the shape of your eyes as:

Rather small and rounded. 1

Stretched and almond-shaped. 2

Large and round. 3

5. The clothing style that suits you best:

Fashion: 3/4 skirt, t-shirt, perfecto and derbies . 2

Casual: jeans, oversized shirt, sneakers and shoulder bag. 1

Glamour: Slim jeans, maxi neckline and high heels. 3

6. When you put on makeup, you prefer to highlight:

Your lips. 3

Your complexion. 1

Your eyes. 2

7. If you had a magic wand you would ask that your eyelashes be:

Scandalously long. 2

Indecently bulky. 3

Just a little more length and volume. 1

Result :

Between 7 and 10 points:

You are made for the Natural model, delicate magnetic eyelashes that will subtly highlight your eyes.

Between 11 and 15 points:

You were born to wear Sublime Length magnetic eyelashes , the perfect cocktail between dream length and Russian volume.

Between 16 and 21 points:

You are intended for the Russian Volume model, and XXL length for the most sophisticated result.

Magnetic false eyelashes have many advantages. Discover some of them!

- They are hypoallergenic

Magnetic false eyelashes do not require glue for application: no more allergies and harmful products on your eyes!

- They are easy to install

Your false eyelashes should be applied directly to your natural eyelashes, as close as possible to the eyelid (as explained in our tutorial ). Even if it's a little bit of a hassle (like when you put on nail polish or eyeliner), it will quickly become an integral part of your routine. Enough to remove and reapply your eyelashes as you wish, without having to go to an institute!

- They hold perfectly

Resistant and waterproof, your false eyelashes will remain securely fixed throughout the day. They also have an unlimited lifespan, provided they are handled with care.

- They make your makeup routine easier

Totally invisible, magnetic false eyelashes will be perfect for giving you a look that is both glamorous and natural. No need to spend hours in front of the mirror anymore, highlighting your eyes has never been easier! You won't even need to use makeup remover in the evening, just grab the magnetic strips between your thumb and index finger and slide it to the side. Practical, right?

- They are customizable

Although our lashes easily adapt to the shape of your eyelid, they can also be cut to suit you perfectly.

Choose them 100% Natural , Sublime Length for real doe eyes or Russian Volume for an ultra glamorous look.


You can pay for your order with:

- A bank card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro etc.)

- Alma for payment in 3x without fees (from 70€ purchase)

- Paypal for payment in one go or for payment in 4x

- Bancontact

If you wish to use another means of payment, do not hesitate to contact our technical service to request it.

All payments are secured with SSL encryption and more than 90% of payments must be validated with double authentication (3D Secure) by SMS or with your banking application.

Yes, all payments are secured with SSL encryption and more than 90% of payments must be validated with double authentication (3D Secure) by SMS or with your banking application.

3D Secure is becoming mandatory in France for all payments and it sometimes happens that your banking application has a bug and your payment is not validated.
If you do not receive an order confirmation, it is because it has not been taken into account and you will not be charged.
Do not hesitate to renew your order in this case.
If you encounter this problem, do not hesitate to contact our customer service for more information.