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Makeup mistakes to avoid at all costs

Les erreurs maquillage à éviter à tout prix

Makeup Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid

Makeup Mistakes: Discover the Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

Although beauty is subjective and makeup is a form of self-expression, some mistakes can affect your final look. Here's a list of common makeup faux pas and tips for correcting them.

1. Choosing the wrong foundation tone

The wrong shade can make your face look unnatural. Be sure to test several shades and check how they look in natural light.

2. Neglecting eyebrows

Eyebrows that are too thick or too thin can unbalance your features. Find a shape that suits your face and gently fill in any sparse areas.

3. Applying too much powder

Too much powder can make your complexion appear dull and aged. Apply it lightly, especially to areas prone to shine.

4. Skip the eyeshadow primer

Without a primer, eyeshadows can get stuck in creases and fade quickly. A base provides better hold and more intense color.

5. Opting for unsuitable false eyelashes

Not all false eyelashes are suitable for every occasion. For a natural and sophisticated everyday look, opt for magnetic eyelashes from Luxycils , which offer easy application and a seductive effect.


Makeup is an art that requires practice. By avoiding these common mistakes and choosing quality products, like Luxycils magnetic eyelashes, you are on the right path to enhancing your natural beauty.